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       John "Web Master" and "Station Opp"

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   I was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands and my family immigrated to Canada in 1953. Then  in 1965 I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as a Radar  and Electronics Technician. I spent 6 years in the RCAF and then 4 years in the Army Reserves as a communication specialist. I moved to Calgary in 1981 and have been here since.

    I became a licensed Ham in 1964 and was active until 1975 and then put Ham Radio aside for a while. I got back into the hobby in 1991 and have been back at it ever since.  I have a small compact station and operate on all the bands from 160 meters to 70 cm. I cover all modes from SSB to Digital (and yes even CW). I enjoy the Digital modes most of all and am getting back into CW.

    My station consists of a Yaesu Ft-897D used for all modes and a 220 Wouxun hand held. My antenna is a 80 to 6 meter indoor window loop (home made) antenna and a Tarheel 400 mobile fed into a LDG Z11 Pro II antenna tuner. For VHF/UHF I use a Anli 2 Dual Bander and/or a 2 meter JPole. I presently live in a seniors apartment building that doesn't allow outside antenna so all my antennas are inside and surprisingly they work better than I expected.

    I enjoy being a "Ham" and although I like DX, Rumor has it that I enjoy having QSO's with anyone , anywhere , anytime on any band in any mode, but then again it's only a rumor.

     I am a member of the Foothills Amateur Radio Society (FARS) and  the Association Calgary Amateur Radio (CARA).  I am also a member of the European Phase Shift Keying Club,   Fists Club,  ARRL, QRZ, PODXs and the  Ham Radio Nation.

    We also gather at the "Tim Horton" in Calgary (6825 MacLeod Trail S.W) every Wednesday morning and invite anyone visiting the city to come and join us.


          73 John 



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